and Freshly reported as sold for a total of $630,440 dollars

A pair of short, meaningful three letter (LLL) .com domain names have been reported as sold on the Squadhelp marketplace. and were sold in January 2024 and September 2023 respectively; the sales prices were $234,000 dollars for and $396,440 dollars for That’s a total of $630,440 dollars for just two domains! […]

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Seven with Sedo: Get your LLL .eu domain while you can

Sedo, our premium sponsor, is rolling out a week-long auction of hand-picked LLL domains in the European TLD, dot .eu. Featuring 181 .eu domains that are just three letters long, the Sedo auction takes place between November 9 – 16, 2023. All domains are listed with a 99 euro price tag. Three letters have lots […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. in private auction at Hilco Streambank

The premium three letter domain is available via a private bidding process, organized by Hilco Streambank and their European division. Registered in 1998, the domain served as a popular online casino operated by BGO Entertainment Limited and in late 2021 the British Gambling Commission suspended its operating license. It’s no surprise that this premium asset […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. Holy crap, another LLL .com just dropped!

It’s insane that premium, three letter .com domains still drop in 2022., a three letter (LLL) .com domain originally registered in 1997, expired and was deleted. The domain was promptly picked up by drop-catching industry powerhouse, DropCatch. It’s now involved in a three day auction that has already sent the bidding price above […]

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(Oy) Three letter .com #domain drops, gets auctioned

Seeing a 25 year old LLL .com drop can be painful; in the case of, this 1997 domain registration inexplicably expired and was deleted. DropCatch “to the rescue” as the youngest three letter .com in the known cosmos is now in auction. will tumble through the bids of numerous potential suitors, until a […]

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Sedo scores big with LLL #domain auction—Here are the results!

Sedo, our premium sponsor, held a week-long auction of three letter (LLL) domain names. The auction was, reportedly, a big success. Out of 90 domains up for auction, 30 reached the minimum bid, the majority of which were .net and .org LLL domains. Here is the list of domains sold during the auction, as provided […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. Youngest #LLL .com #domain in the known cosmos!

World, welcome as the youngest LLL .com domain in the world! A pronounceable three letter .com with a registration date of October 25, 2021 seems hard to fathom; in this day and age that LLL .com domains sell for tens of thousands of dollars, or more, a domain such as should not be […]

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Got three letter #domains for sale? Send them to #Sedo!

Domainers agree on at least one thing: Three letter domains (LLL) are one of the most liquid types of domain investments. Time to cash in! Sedo, our premium sponsor, is holding an open auction for LLL domain names. The auction will take place from November 11th to the 18th, and anyone can participate. Here are […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. Sorry, this LLL #domain won’t be going for sale soon is the three letter .com domain (LLL) of OZY Media, an online media publisher that recently announced it’s closing down. Within a week, the company retracted its shutting down memo, and it’s here to stay. Ever heard of OZY Media? Not us, but apparently it has a 25 million readership and a variety of […]

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Calendso upgrade: How much did the domain sell for?

Calendso rebranded to Cal; the news of the scheduling software creator moving onto included a matching trademark registration application for CAL.COM. The company’s Co-CEO shared a chart showing how rare and expensive is: It was an LLL .com listed for sale Only one of approximately 1,000 English words with three letters Works perfectly […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. – The youngest LLL .com #domain in the world! is now the youngest three letter .com (LLL) domain name in the known cosmos, after expiring and dropping. Originally registered way back in 1995, was in the possession of Georgia-based Air Quality Sciences, Inc. The company was founded in 1989 and was acquired in 2011 by UL Environment, which itself operates from the […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. : Premium LLL .com #domain has been sold, a three letter, acronym and dictionary word domain has been sold. The domain moved to the CSC registrar today, redirecting to According to Guta, brokers of premium domain names, Sea Group operates Shopee, a popular e-commerce brand in Singapore. Registered in 1990, was previously owned by Calacom LLC for many years. And […]

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