Seven with #Sedo : #Crypto auction brings #blockchain domains to the masses

Sedo, a DomainGang sponsor, is having a crypto domains auction, between September 13 and 20. The auction spans through the days of MERGE! 2018 in Orlando, Florida. Sedo members submitted their best domains for the auction, based on a number of qualifying characteristics. There are 170 such domains per our last count, and we picked […]

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Sedo : #Crypto domains mega auction in coordination with #MERGE

Sedo, a premium sponsor of DomainGang, announced its call for crypto domain name submissions. There will be an exclusive Crypto Domain Names auction between September 13th to 20th. Sedo will be attending MERGE! 2018 in Orlando, Florida as well. In order for submissions to make the cut, there are additional requirements. Short, one word, strong […]

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Ending soon : #Sedo auction of .CO #domains to end in an hour

Sedo, a premium sponsor of DomainGang, is wrapping up its premium .CO keyword auction today. Several dozen .CO domains are attracting buyers due to their brandability and traffic. The following domains have met the reserve price and will sell: $10,000 USD $250 USD $4,999 USD $1,000 USD $999 USD […]

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GreatDomains : #Sedo domain auction is closing today

The GreatDomains auction by Sedo for June, is closing today. Sedo is a sponsor of DomainGang. Several domains at the auction have met the reserve price, and will therefore sell. Here’s what’s going on so far: – reserve met – current bid 5,210 USD – reserve met – current bid 1,005 GBP […]

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Sedo : Dot .IN auction is live with some of the best domains in India

Sponsored by Sedo.* Sedo has taken its highly anticipated dot .IN domain auction live; more than 100 domains were made available to bid on. The auction list of Indian (.IN) domains contains strong keywords and several acronyms. Out of the 102 .IN domains currently on the Sedo auction, which lasts from June 6 – 13, […]

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Sedo GreatDomains May auction :,, and other gems

Sponsored by Sedo* If you’re in the market for great domains, the ongoing Sedo GreatDomains auction for May might help you get one, or more premium keyword domains. The auction features a variety of quality domains, ranging from LLL .com’s to strong keywords. Keep in mind that there are less than 4 days left in […]

Copyright © 2019 · All Rights Reserved. : Thousands of euro in .AT domain auction bids so far

The Sedo domain auction of a specialty .AT portfolio is going remarkably well. Co-ordinated with Austria’s Nic.AT Registry, the domain auction features short .AT domains of one or two characters, and other premium keywords. The results so far show increased interest in the short, brandable .AT domains, many of which form “domain hacks.” For now, […]

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