Calendso upgrade: How much did the domain sell for?

Calendso rebranded to Cal; the news of the scheduling software creator moving onto included a matching trademark registration application for CAL.COM.

The company’s Co-CEO shared a chart showing how rare and expensive is:

  • It was an LLL .com listed for sale
  • Only one of approximately 1,000 English words with three letters
  • Works perfectly for the calendar and scheduling business

In a nutshell, was an option representing a 0.01% chance of fitting the goals of its domain rebranding, or extremely rare. Which means one thing: the domain most likely took a substantial amount of money to acquire.

We reached out to looking for some answers. Unfortunately, we were told that the details of the sale are under NDA and they cannot give them away.

So let’s take a poll:

Calendso's upgrade to - how much did it cost?

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