Encephalitis.com causing a headache to #NameJet

Encephalitis.com dropped again

Encephalitis.com is causing a big headache to NameJet.

The former asset of CSC Corporate Domains, Inc. dropped in early April, losing its original registration date of 1999.

The NameJet auction that ensued ended up at $1,483 dollars according to NameBio.

But then, the domain didn’t change hands for more than 30 days and the gaining registrar, OwnRegistrar, Inc., did not transfer the domain over to the auction’s winner who paid NameJet for the auction.

IP attorney, John Berryhill, spoke of this situation earlier this week.

And now for the shocking part: the domain Encephalitis.com was apparently deleted by the catching registrar yesterday, dropping back to availability.

Can you guess which service caught it?

It was DropCatch, and naturally the domain is once again back on auction.

This creates a huge issue at NameJet that allowed a domain that was paid for to be deleted inexplicably.

Neither John Berryhill or the NameJet auction winner are pleased with this outcome. We will update this story with new information, once received.

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