#DropCatch is turning into #NameJet!

Domain auction platform, DropCatch, is progressively turning into another online auction platform for owned domains, NameJet.

In recent days, DropCatch is auctioning off dozens of owned domains that are not fresh registrations caught by orders placed on its system.

A quick research on such names shows that these are domains owned private sellers, just like NameJet does.

Such domains are being auctioned with a reserve price in the thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars.

The current data stream of active auctions lists domains such as the following:

  • Strategical.com
  • Spotty.com
  • FetaCheese.com
  • StreetAds.com
  • GreatShop.com
  • GuideOnline.com

Last year, we asked DropCatch if they accept private listings and we were told that “at the time,” DropCatch did not accept domain portfolio submissions.

Are all these private listings an indication that DropCatch is changing its policy?

Private portfolio auctions on DropCatch

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