Mass protests erupt in India as .in domains are set to lose resell value

New Delhi, India – In a move that has left investors and resellers in dismay, the registry of Indian domains, NIXI (National Internet Exchange of India), recently declared its decision to terminate investment opportunities associated with .in domain names. The surprise announcement sparked an instant wave of protests across the country, with hundreds of thousands […]

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Koo App: Twitter alternative’s growth might lead to LLL .com sale

Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter for $44 billion dollars has led to a tumultuous November: layoffs, flip-flopping of new services, and “extremely hardcore” ultimatums served to the employees. The illustrious founder of Tesla and SpaceX is having a “fun” time trolling his 116 million followers as seen fit. Meanwhile, the blue bird is dying a […]

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Got NIXI’ed: Only two .in domains per person allowed at GoDaddy

Dot .in domains, the national ccTLD of India, have been popular since 2005; since then, anyone around the world can register a .in domain. Many domain investors registered dozens, hundreds, or more .in domains but that’s no longer possible. The National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI) has placed restrictions on bulk registering of .in domains […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. “God-fearing” person lost #UDRP over infringing #domain name

A self-proclaimed “God-fearing person” lost the UDRP filed against the domain name Pidilite Industries Limited, India, filed the UDRP at the WIPO noting that it infringes on its registered mark, FEVICOL, created in 1954 according to The Respondent, whose name sounds Indian, is located in Czechia. He acquired the domain in 2021 via […]

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Indian businesses furious about domain spam!

Businesses in India’s Hyderabad district are complaining to the ministry of Corporate Affairs, over an influx of domain sourced spam. Hundreds of small business operators, ranging from mom and pop shops to large hardware stores are receiving a barrage of emails for unsolicited services. These emails begin the moment domain registrations are completed, according to […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. Indian latecomer fails to get 19 year old domain via the #WIPO

Shocking? Not really: An Indian company engaged in “Plan B” to usurp a 19 year old domain via the UDRP process. Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Limited, India, filed a UDRP at the WIPO to get, a domain registered in 2002. The “2DG” part allegedly infringed on the Complainant’s Indian marks of 2 DG, 2DG, and […]

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By order of the court: Can’t register any “amulet” #domains in #India

If you planned to register “amulet” domains in India with registrars such as GoDaddy, Big Rock or Freenom, forget about it. Why would that be impossible? In a landmark judgement to protect the originality of brands, the Delhi High Court has restrained domain registrars from selling or offering for sale domain names with “Amul” as […]

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#Sedo has some LLL #domains in auction for $99 dollars!

If you’re looking for a three letter domain name, now it’s your chance! Our sponsor, Sedo, is auctioning off a total of 200 three letter domain names, all in the dot .IN ccTLD. Indians aren’t the only ones that can bid, as the .IN ccTLD is open to registrations worldwide. Sedo’s list of domains includes […]

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#Neustar officially the back-end manager of dot .IN #domains on behalf of #India

India is now officially entrusting its national ccTLD, dot .IN, to Neustar. The technology services company announced the completion of the final steps to providing full back-end support to the .IN domain Registry, Nixi. Some key points from the event: In August 2018 Neustar was awarded the contract to be Technical Service Provider (TSP) for […]

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“Fake #domain WHOIS” claims power MPA piracy cases in #India

If you are using India’s dot .IN domains to facilitate digital piracy, you are already in trouble. The Motion Picture Association (MPA) of Hollywood has come to an agreement with the Indian domain registry NIXI, enabling them to suspend pirate sites. What’s new in this approach is that such anty-piracy cases are powered by claiming […]

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#GoDaddy wants to conquer every tier 2 city in #India

GoDaddy bagged one million customers in India, and the biggest domain registrar in the world is only getting started. With 462 million Internet users, India is second only to China. So far, GoDaddy’s web hosting and cloud services have targeted the large metropolises of India. There are 51 million small and medium businesses, of which […]

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Indian tax agency tells #GoDaddy #domain registration income is “royalty”

The tax authority of India wants GoDaddy to pay local tax for the registration of domain names. According to the Times of India,  the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT) in New Delhi has held GoDaddy to be liable to tax in India, on income earned from the registration of domain names. Legal processes take long […]

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