Got NIXI’ed: Only two .in domains per person allowed at GoDaddy

Dot .IN

Dot .in domains, the national ccTLD of India, have been popular since 2005; since then, anyone around the world can register a .in domain.

Many domain investors registered dozens, hundreds, or more .in domains but that’s no longer possible.

The National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI) has placed restrictions on bulk registering of .in domains citing reasons of “national security” and there’s now a limit of 2 domains per person!

Individual registrants or other entities looking to bulk register .in domains will now require approval from the CEO of NIXI. If you exceed these limits without registry approval your domains may be subject to deletion in the future.

Here’s a note posted on GoDaddy:

Other registrars that offer .in domain registrations have to follow the same guidelines as well.

Do you have many .in domains? It’s possible that you are grandfathered.

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