Dot .in Registry adamant about privacy settings removal

The .in Registry has introduced new policies regarding anonymity involving India‘s ccTLD.

After proclaiming that domain investors are not welcome, NIXI (National Internet Exchange of India), demands that domain registrars offering .in registrations agree to the following:

  • No generic, “anonymous” emails are to be allowed for registrations.
  • The use of VPN addresses should be blocked by the registrars.
  • Registration logs, including IP address, should be provided on request.

What that means is that domain registrars offering privacy WHOIS for .in domains are not in compliance and their contracts with NIXI can be terminated.

Two decades since .in domains opened up to the global public the privacy requirements seem like a giant leap backwards. Despite the fact that dot .in domains are seen as “generic” ccTLDs by Google, perhaps it’s time for those investing in .in to get out.

Story kudos: Michele Neylon via Twitter.

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