Mass protests erupt in India as .in domains are set to lose resell value

New Delhi, India – In a move that has left investors and resellers in dismay, the registry of Indian domains, NIXI (National Internet Exchange of India), recently declared its decision to terminate investment opportunities associated with .in domain names.

The surprise announcement sparked an instant wave of protests across the country, with hundreds of thousands of Indians taking to the streets.

Reselling .in domain names has been a lucrative venture for many savvy investors for almost two decades. NIXI’s decision to limit the usage of .in domains to only food, movie, and cricket web sites has shattered the dreams of countless Indian domainers that are looking to make a quick buck.

Since the news broke, Bollywood music blares from loudspeakers, energizing the crowds and transforming the street protests into dance parties. A sea of multicolored turbans and sarees fills the streets, as TV crews used drones to cover the event.

“Reselling .in domains was our bread and butter. It was like striking gold in the digital age,” exclaimed Rajesh ‘Momo’ Kumar, a distraught domain investor who has built a strong portfolio of valuable .in domains for sale at GoDaddy.

“But now, it feels like we are being stripped of our freedom. It’s like taking away a masala dosa from a South Indian!”

Many technocrats in India argue that restricting .in domains to just personal or business use undermines India’s financial future and potential for economic growth, stifling the entrepreneurial spirit that has driven the Indian domain market.

As the ongoing protests will continue for a while, it remains to be seen whether NIXI will reconsider its decision or if domainers will find new avenues for their digital aspirations, such as crypto, NFT, or the trading of momo recipes.

Disclaimer: This article is a light-hearted parody and not meant to be taken as factual news. It intends to use humor to highlight cultural stereotypes in a tongue-in-cheek manner. The intention is to entertain and not to offend. We love India and .in domains and also masala dosa and momo!

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