Scam or copycat? Dan Bitcoin Escrow is a GoDaddy company providing a selling platform to more than 2.5 million domains. The success of is due to automation of its transactions, including the financial part. Although can hold domains in its escrow for lease to own (LTO) sales, it does not have a bitcoin escrow. One might be wondering […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. UDRP a headache for Complainant

A Nigerian scammer used the domain to impersonate the .com holder. Everyday Health, Inc.operates from offering support to migraine sufferers. They filed a UDRP to get the .org as the Respondent used the domain to impersonate them, offering fake jobs and attempting to scam the applicants. This created an obvious headache for the […]

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Domain spammer claims ICANN gives out investor licenses

An ongoing spam campaign is using the domain name, alongside the alias “Hannah Benson.” The spammer targets domain registrants with “similar domains” to the ones being peddled. So far, nothing new about using a faux female name to sell domains, but what sets this spam aside is the included claim that they are an […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. : Another serial #domain spammer

Unsolicited email is bad enough, but scams via mass spamming of domains is even worse. This week’s scamming spammer is, that sends out fake invoices seeking collection of payment for services that never took place. The mass email spamming of domain contacts contains the following message in part: We have actually not obtained a […]

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#Crypto scam : Krista Gable’s adventure is a free lesson for all #domain investors

Krista Gable is a motivated domain investor, with a diversified portfolio focused on new technology. Krista shared the news about her sale of a week ago, but she has a more important story to tell. When people get scammed, denial kicks in first, then anger, and finally shame. But there’s nothing wrong about acknowledging […]

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China Registry scam continues to pester #domain holders for fake trademark applications

The China Registry scam has been ongoing for several years. Operating from the domain and several others, this is an attempt by scammers in China to pay up for fake trademark applications. How does this scam from China work? Let’s begin with the email below, that urges us to send it to the CEO […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. : Freedom to Breathe Agency site down after fake “mask exempt” cards exposé

The domain was registered on June 12, 2020 and it hosted content about how face masks are supposedly harmful to one’s health, and a violation of people’s rights. The so-called “Freedom to Breathe Agency” project shared a fake card claiming to give its bearer rights to not wear a mask when visiting various establishments. […]

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Who is this bastard spammer “Eric” from Wake up, #Cloudflare and #Dynadot

A guy named “Eric Jones” is spamming emails taken from the WHOIS of domains, and also online contact forms. The domain used currently is that is registered with Dynadot and hiding behind the free reverse proxy services of Cloudflare. A typical email from these assholes looks like this: “Hello, my name’s Eric and I […]

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Fake #escrow : Romanians arrested for running an online #crime ring for a decade

Two Romanians were convicted by the US court system, after they engaged in a decade-long activity of spreading computer malware, and using a network of fake escrow services to collect funds from as many as 400,000 victims. According to testimony at trial and court documents, Nicolescu, Miclaus, and a co-conspirator who pleaded guilty, collectively operated […]

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#Indonesian scam : #Natixis mark squatter gave ridiculous reason for NatixisCoin .com registration

The Indonesian registrant of the domain squatted on a famous bank’s name, then produced a fake identity card to validate his registration. Natixis is a French corporation that operates as an international corporate, investment banking and financial services company. Recently, they challenged the domain and won that UDRP. In the UDRP case of […]

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HyphBot : Ad scam used 34,000 domains to reap $500,000 dollars daily

A sophisticated scam involving 34,000 domains reaped up to $500,000 dollars in advertiser’s traffic, a day! Bot traffic driven by cybercriminals created more than a million URLs, in an attempt to fool advertisers into buying ad traffic that supposedly originated from big publishers. This technique is called “domain spoofing,” and the bot traffic was then […]

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Tech support malware : Scammers prefer .ORG, .XYZ and .Online domains

Scammers posing as tech support resolving malware attacks, have a preference for .ORG, .XYZ and .Online domains. A recent article by Malwarebytes Labs, researched how “tech support” scammers abuse native ad provider, Taboola, to serve such tech support scam ads. How does this work: Ads are bought on Taboola, serving links to web sites that […]

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