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Barbie88 : Faux female attempted to scam #domain investors via the sale of XX.com

A fake female scammer using the NamePros moniker Barbie88, attempted to scam investors out of $85,000 dollars, by claiming they are selling XX.com. The two letter domain is under WHOIS privacy, and definitely not in the scammer’s control. According to Richard Dynas, the person behind the account “Barbie88” is the same scammer that claimed to […]

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Selling hot air: Unscrupulous Domainer attempts to flip domain prior to making payment

When one buys a house or a car, that means putting down a deposit or making full payment before being able to resell it. In the world of domaining, it seems that some people have no scruples and attempt to circumvent this basic rule of commerce: unless you own it, you can’t sell it. The […]

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