Uni Market refugees can benefit from our expert leads analysis!

Domain investors that have been using the Uni Market were recently told that the GoDaddy-owned marketplace will shut down on April 18th. The great platform created by Frank Schilling for all domainers will no longer remain active past the deadline and its users are asked to transition to Afternic. Exporting your own leads and other […]

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Jeff Gabriel, co-founder of, has achieved an impressive record in domain sales: Almost half a billion ($500 million) dollars’ worth of brokered deals. As a senior domain broker, Jeff Gabriel was involved personally in the sale of and while the sales amount is under NDA, it’s rumored to be worth eight figures USD. […]

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WhatsApp agreements binding, as lawsuit shows

If you negotiate about a domain name via a chatting app, such as WhatsApp, and agree to a sale or acquisition, that is a binding agreement. An active lawsuit involving the domain demonstrates that no explicit signatures are required, when two parties, a buyer and a seller, have demonstrated their agreement to exchange a […]

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Interview with Identity rebrand goes beyond the logo

Domain power brokerage,, has rolled out a new look on its web site, and it’s more than just a logo. Identity rebranding is the design process that encompasses the true delivery of a company’s message. It makes a company stand out and be remembered among similar companies, and it expands onto all media and […]

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One year later: Nobody SAW it coming!

Nobody SAW it coming, but they have already been in business for a full year. Domain industry veterans, Jeff Gabriel and Amanda Waltz co-founded domain brokerage powerhouse, a year ago. How time flies! 😀 In the full year since, Brooke Hernandez has joined SAW as senior domain broker and the company has scored numerous […]

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A Greek goddess is in the house! The domain is being brokered exclusively by, the domain brokerage powerhouse co-founded by industry professionals Jeff Gabriel and Amanda Waltz. Registered in 1995, the current asking price appears to be in the seven figure range: $2,000,000 dollars. was acquired by domain investor and broker, James […]

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Two iconic videos : Frank Schilling and Jeff Gabriel talk about #domain names

Frank Schilling, CEO, and Jeff Gabriel, director of sales, talked about their company – Domain Name Sales – in 2013. The two iconic videos were shared by DNS exactly 7 years ago, April 2013 – before it became Uniregistry. In these videos, Frank Schilling shares the first domain he ever registered:, a typo. What […]

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#Domain valuation metrics : Jeff Gabriel on the Forbes Business Council co-founder, Jeff Gabriel, lays out the foundation of domain valuation metrics for the masses. In an article hosted by the Forbes Business Council organization, the veteran domain broker identifies six key parameters that define a domain name’s value: Extension Length Universal keyword Spelling Market trends Comparable sales Want to make a wise decision when […]

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Sedo, a premium DomainGang sponsor, made lots of cash from the brokered sale of the domain – twice. The premium domain was recently sold for $750,000 dollars, and its Australian seller presumably pocketed a ton of money. Except that the domain was acquired for $725,000 dollars in 2010, in a sale facilitated by then […]

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