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Jeff Gabriel –

Jeff Gabriel, co-founder of, has achieved an impressive record in domain sales: Almost half a billion ($500 million) dollars’ worth of brokered deals.

As a senior domain broker, Jeff Gabriel was involved personally in the sale of and while the sales amount is under NDA, it’s rumored to be worth eight figures USD.

We reached out to Mr. Gabriel for commentary and he let us know about the amount of hard work it took to achieve this monumental sale.

“We have represented a lot of names over the years, Uniregistry included. There are a handful of names that always have buyers. Those buyers are offering significant amounts.

The domain is one, another that comes to mind is

Regarding we spoke to all of the big players; I attended multiple AI conferences, and it was a big win for our client when it was sold. We were happy to see that all the hard work put into the sale of the name paid off.

It was comical at times as well as frustrating at the Ai conferences I attended; some of the people there had absolutely no idea domains could be traded, or even had value.

At the end of it I got to learn a lot about the Ai industry, what is coming next, and got to make a great sale for our client. In the end that is all that mattered.”

With the successful brokering of, the reputation of definitely crosses the services-centric industry, into the realm of AI—and that, according to many in the industry, is the future.

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