sold twice : #Sedo domain made one seller lots of money

Sedo, a premium DomainGang sponsor, made lots of cash from the brokered sale of the domain Files.comtwice.

The premium domain was recently sold for $750,000 dollars, and its Australian seller presumably pocketed a ton of money.

Except that the domain was acquired for $725,000 dollars in 2010, in a sale facilitated by then Sedo broker Jeff Gabriel, on behalf of domain entrepreneur Mike Bahtlitzanakis.

Jeff Gabriel worked for Sedo between 2009-2011; he has been with Uniregistry, now Uni, as VP of Sales since 2013. – sold twice via Sedo.

While we cannot disclose the acquisition cost of by Mike Bahtlitzanakis, it was substantially smaller, and the profits of the 2010 sale were thus substantially larger.

It goes without saying that the new owner of could definitely afford the amount paid for, and they are already preparing its launch in 2019, as a product providing “Powerful file management for businesses of every size.

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