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#Uniregistry – oops, Uni : Improving the #domain selling experience

Uniregistry, a premium sponsor of DomainGang, announced a pair of new improvements to its domain marketplace.

Improving the domain selling experience has been the primary goal of Uniregistry, that now uses the name “Uni” globally, since its app name change.

On November 28th, Uniregistry applied for the service mark UNI at the USPTO in three classes:

  • E-mail services, namely electronic transmission of e-mail
  • Providing downloadable and non-downloadable software for configuration of custom e-mail services; Web hosting services; Providing downloadable and non-downloadable software for configuration of a web site
  • Domain name registrar services

Here are the details:

Team Uni

We recently introduced two new improvements to the seller experience.

Improved seller-broker communications

Sellers can now benefit from the ability to separate price quotes, offers, and broker messages into three actionable filters. When you log into your account you will now see a quick snapshot of your portfolio’s sales performance alongside important sales notifications awaiting your response. This may seem like a small task, but this is the first step in streamlining the way we communicate with you. This should help you save time and make decisions faster.

Account settings at your fingertips

We recognize that simple changes can have a major impact on sales. This year, we’ve taken time to focus on small yet effective changes to equip our sellers with additional account clarity and control over their portfolio. With the updated dashboard, sellers can customize their account quickly and easily. We’ve also made strides to make sure a sale is never missed. The new dashboard increases the visibility of offers, inquiries, sales, and messages.

This is just the beginning of our initiative to make the seller’s experience faster, more efficient and just plain better.

If you’ve had a chance to try the new dashboard then we’d love your feedback. Click here to take a brief survey to ensure we continue bringing you exciting updates through 2019 and beyond!

Happy Holidays. Happy New Year. Happy Selling!

Team Uni

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