Interview with Identity rebrand goes beyond the logo

Domain power brokerage,, has rolled out a new look on its web site, and it’s more than just a logo.

Identity rebranding is the design process that encompasses the true delivery of a company’s message. It makes a company stand out and be remembered among similar companies, and it expands onto all media and materials used by the company.

Visually representing’s mission as a domain brokerage company was the goal here.

Jeffrey Gabriel, co-founder and a veteran of the domain industry, makes it clear:

“We have found that most of our clients are entrepreneurs, startups, innovators, and small business owners.

So we decided to create a look and feel that caters to those pushing the boundaries and is nothing but ordinary.

From start to finish, we are here to cater to that kind of client.”

Regarding the selected logo among many candidates, Jeff told us that the initial idea to hold a design contest produced hundreds of samples that failed to represent what the domain brokerage and its identity stands for:

“Choosing a logo and changing the color scheme can be as daunting as choosing a name for your child or business. So we had many discussions internally, with our friends, our network in and out of the domain industry.” eventually brought in a professional brand specialist to tackle the task.

Implementing the new look on social media, company materials, business cards, and other digital and physical formats establishes the brand further.

And lastly, here’s what the colors of, blue and orange, stand for:

“Dark blue stands for elegance, authority, and intelligence, while orange stands for enthusiasm, creativity, success, and determination. All of these are qualities our clients possess. We, as a team, do as well.”

The new look of is here to stay and we love the results!

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