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Mr. Lowballer : Let’s all sue ICANNT!

Hey guys, what’s up? Hope you had lots of bird this Thanksgiving. Mr. Lowballer is full of turkey goodness until Christmas. Anyway, I am about to sue ICANNT and so should you. It’s a real bummer but someone’s got to do it. I’m lawyering up and in 2020 the big guns come out, shooting left […]

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Mr. Lowballer : My best #domain offer doesn’t count if you accept it

Hey guys, what’s happening? This is Mr. Lowballer ready to bust some balls about your domain crap. Yeah, I follow Mr. Schwartz on Twitter too, and I know he’s got some kick-ass domains, especially adult ones – the ones your mom refers to as “pornos.” Listen up. No matter how hard you work, you ain’t […]

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