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Non-com #domain sightings: #OneBlood .ORG

Very often, we encounter domain names emblazoned on vehicles; we attempt to photograph these “domains in the wild” while we’re stationary. That’s right, we won’t compromise safety in order to produce a photo of these “domain sightings!” Such domain names are grouped in two categories: dot .COM domains, and all the rest. The latest encounter […]

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PIR Registry raises .ORG domain prices once again

Taking advantage of its contract with ICANN, the .ORG Registry, PIR, is rising prices once again. On August 1st, wholesale prices will be increased by 10% and the cost will be passed onto the consumers, naturally, by their respective Registrars. PIR is not the only domain Registry to raise prices per their ICANN agreement; Verisign, […]

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PIR: Domainers split over proper pronunciation of ‘ORG’

PIR, the .org domain Registry, has revealed that in a recent poll among domainers, a serious operating issue became evident. While there is no doubt that the overall success of .org domains over the years is paramount, particularly since .org domain registrations exceed 10 million, few domainers actually know how ‘ORG’ is pronounced. “A lot […]

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