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PIR: Domainers split over proper pronunciation of ‘ORG’

New PIR logo with the TLD pronunciation.

New PIR logo with the TLD pronunciation.

PIR, the .org domain Registry, has revealed that in a recent poll among domainers, a serious operating issue became evident.

While there is no doubt that the overall success of .org domains over the years is paramount, particularly since .org domain registrations exceed 10 million, few domainers actually know how ‘ORG’ is pronounced.

“A lot of people are adamant that ‘ORG’, as an acronym representing ‘organization’, should be pronounced as in that word, with a hard ‘G’,” said PIR officer, Maggy Gavriilidis.

“The problem is, we never intended to pronounce it as such, and to be correct, every letter needs to be spelled out,” added Gavriilidis of PIR.

Maggy Gavriilidis of PIR.

Maggy Gavriilidis of PIR.

Apparently, the proper way to say ‘ORG’ is “oh ar gee” – a word that can raise many a domainer’s eyebrows, as it’s very close to ‘orgy’.

However, this is the proper way to say it, prefixed by ‘dot’ naturally.

“The bottom line is, that domainers love dot oh ar gee domain names, as we continue to offer a viable alternative to the aging .com,” said Maggy Gavriilidis.

“The pending introduction of silly gTLD domains, such as .wtf and .omg can only add further confusion to how simple-minded domainers pronounce them; our user base is intellectually secure!” exclaimed Gavriilidis.

To help resolve this confusion, PIR released a new logo today, that spells it out for you.

If you register an “oh ar gee” domain today, be sure to visit PIR.org to familiarize yourself with the PIR management team.


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2 Responses to “PIR: Domainers split over proper pronunciation of ‘ORG’”
  1. Konstantinos Zournas says:

    5 dudes and a middle aged lady. Thanks for the “oh ar gee”!

  2. DomainGang says:

    Konstantinos – Touche! 😀

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