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Escrow.com : #Domain transaction for $3 and a half dollars?!

You can start a domain transaction at Escrow.com for as low as $3.50 dollars—that’s three and a half dollars—if you are bad with decimal notation in the US. Nat Cohen of Telepathy, Inc. shared an image showing just that; a buyer initiated an Escrow.com transaction for a grand total of $3.50 dollars, for a domain […]

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Domainer chutzpah : Give me $50 to give you a domain price quote

When it comes down to responding to domain inquiries, nothing beats the Telepathy.com requirement of a $19 dollar payment. At least, Telepathy has all this streamlined and automated, and it possesses a top notch domain portfolio. An unnamed domain owner is now seeking to cash in on this trend, asking for $50 dollars per price […]

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