: #Domain transaction for $3 and a half dollars?!

You can start a domain transaction at for as low as $3.50 dollars—that’s three and a half dollars—if you are bad with decimal notation in the US.

Nat Cohen of Telepathy, Inc. shared an image showing just that; a buyer initiated an transaction for a grand total of $3.50 dollars, for a domain that was listed for sale for $3,495 dollars.

The apparently European buyer probably thought he was being generous, rounding it to the nearest half dollar.  😀

Said Nat Cohen about a similar incident in the past:

Something similar happened around 20 years ago on a premium French language domain name listed for $60,000. Buyer from France said they were ready to buy- asks where to send the payment.

“What, no negotiation?” I thought.

Check arrives for $60.

Nat mentioned that since that incident he quotes the sales amount with no decimal points or commas, so as not to be confused by buyers outside of the US that are not familiar with how sales numbers are quoted.

Funny or not, the buyer is probably going to be in for a shock.

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