Piracy.com and Patterns.com appear to be stolen #domains

The premium domains Piracy.com and Patterns.com appear to be stolen assets.

Both domains were moved to the Chinese registrar BizCN and have been listed for sale at Afternic and Sedo, at prices well below their value.

Domain investor, Bill Patterson, noted the listings and their ridiculous prices on Twitter:

Patterns.com was listed first @ $17.5k. Then Piracy.com listed at $19k and repriced to $17.5k within ~30 minutes.

BizCN WHOIS is extremely volatile and does not seem to return valid information. Meanwhile, the Sedo account selling Piracy.com on Sedo for $19,000 dollars is located in China with a registration in 2020.

Patterns.com was listed on Afternic with a $23,000 dollar BIN. Both domains were transferred away from Network Solutions.

If you are contacted to acquire or broker Piracy.com and Patterns.com please note that they are most likely stolen.

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  1. You are correct that Patterns.com was stolen by BizCn.com. I am the owner of patterns.com or perhaps I should say I was the owner until BizCn.com maliciously stole the domain name. I foolishly delayed in trying to get it back due to some bad advice, and now we have a team working on this. It is almost unbelievable that malicious theft likes this takes place and ICANN, the US government, the registrar networksolutions.com etc. are not helpful at all and don’t seem to care.

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