GoDaddy to rebrand its Afternic domain platform as “Neutron”

GoDaddy is rebranding its popular but badly aged Afternic platform and the chosen name is “Neutron.”

The biggest domain registrar in the world will roll out the new name at the Nordic Domain Days conference in Europe next week; the Neutron brand will be revealed during the opening night ceremony with GoDaddy sponsoring it.

“It was clear that we needed a new brand and Neutron it is mate!” said GoDaddy VP of Blogs & Social Media, James Miles.

“Our vision goes nuclear, inside the atomic core. The domain services offered by Afternic are necessary for every lad’s everyday life as much as a 5pm visit to the local, hence the spiffy choice of a name mate,” added James Miles.

Afternic becomes Neutron – What the logo might look like

The choice of Neutron as a new name seems to echo the domain rebranding of Squadhelp as “Atom” in recent weeks.

The two platforms compete head to head in the field of AI-driven valuation of domains, providing an intelligent selling environment for businesses and consumers. From now on, it seems that they will be heading towards a nuclear face-off competition about whose brand is the coolest.

“I’m chuffed about the new Neutron brand mate, it’s quite rad” said James Miles, adding: “Let this be a farewell to Afternic 2.0 which was shelved but its spirit will live on through the Neutron brand mate!”

If you are looking for the Neutron login page just go to and read the legal section in its entirety; after completing that part a cookie will be set, allowing you to access the Neutron preview.

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