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#NameSilo rolls out new #domain auction platform

Domain registrar, NameSilo, maintains its own auction platform popular with domain investors. The NameSilo domain auction platform was just given a complete redesign, and visually it looks light years ahead of its previous version. For example, here’s how NameSilo auctions looked before, when the stolen domain WTL.com was auctioned: And below is the new layout: […]

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Auction for WTL.com ends at $15,300 but is this LLL #domain name stolen?

The auction for WTL.com ended at an eye-watering $15,300 dollars at DropCatch today. As we pointed out, the domain was listed in auction by a private seller – it was not a drop. Before the auction closed, we received notification that the domain WTL.com is most likely a stolen asset. The information came from established […]

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LLL .com auctions : No, the three letter #domain name WTL.com has not expired!

It’s very rare to see three letter .com domains (LLL) dropping these days, and WTL.com is not one of them. DropCatch is listing the three letter domain, WTL.com prominently on its auctions currently, but the domain has not expired or dropped. So what is going on? For a while now, DropCatch is auctioning domains belonging […]

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