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LLL .com auctions : No, the three letter #domain name WTL.com has not expired!

It’s very rare to see three letter .com domains (LLL) dropping these days, and WTL.com is not one of them.

DropCatch is listing the three letter domain, WTL.com prominently on its auctions currently, but the domain has not expired or dropped.

So what is going on?

For a while now, DropCatch is auctioning domains belonging to private sellers, and WTL.com is a private auction.

Registered in 1995, Wesco Technologies Limited closed down as a business in 1993, and its registrant, Dr. Geoff Smith, announced that the domain was available to inquiries. One might have to wonder why was a LLL .com registered two years after the business closed. Here’s a capture of WTL.com from 1996.

Whoever is the registrant of WTL.com currently, should expect to receive a handsome deal, even with the Coronavirus pandemic affecting the global economy.

WTL.com is currently bid on by several bidders at DropCatch, with 2 days to go and a high bid of $10,000 dollars.

WTL.com – Could be used for “Want to live” – Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

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4 Responses to “LLL .com auctions : No, the three letter #domain name WTL.com has not expired!”
  1. Well yes a great domain, but to many trademarks on it. To risky for 5 figures! Good luck for the buyer?

  2. DomainGang says:

    Jurgen Maaser – LLL domains are acronyms with many uses. The keyword here is “use” – WTL can mean many different things, and as with most LLL .com domains, it better be used vs. parked.

  3. Supratik says:

    Polan Moric is the owner

  4. BullS says:

    LLL domains are acronyms with many uses. correct

    WTL could mean WhereTheLosers
    or WhereTheLeak

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