#NameSilo rolls out new #domain auction platform

Domain registrar, NameSilo, maintains its own auction platform popular with domain investors.

The NameSilo domain auction platform was just given a complete redesign, and visually it looks light years ahead of its previous version.

For example, here’s how NameSilo auctions looked before, when the stolen domain WTL.com was auctioned:

And below is the new layout:

While we like the new layout, it’s not cool seeing NameSilo selling domains that were reported as stolen.

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2 Responses to “#NameSilo rolls out new #domain auction platform”
  1. NameSilo says:

    Thank you for the write-up and your feedback. With regards to the stolen domain, we haven’t received any reports of that domain being stolen. The rightful owner of the domain needs to contact us at support@namesilo.com with proof of ownership and our team will then conduct an investigation into the matter.

  2. DomainGang says:

    NameSilo – The domain was previously reported as stolen: https://domaingang.com/domain-crime/auction-for-wtl-com-ends-at-15300-but-is-this-lll-domain-name-stolen/

    It was also reported as stolen to us by other auction venues; the domain was reported to you while it was being auctioned.

    Since you auctioned it off you are in the possession of information related to this exchange.

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