Escrow .com catches stolen #domain before sale occurs

Stolen domain: has stopped dead in its tracks a transaction involving the domain

The premium two letter .net domain has been reported stolen, and the thief attempted to impersonate the domain’s real owner, who has been notified.

According to a report that we received from domain investor, James Booth, the legitimate owner has lost control of the domain at Network Solutions. was moved to Tucows on June 1st.

James Booth told us that in an attempt to legitimize the domain’s ownership, the thief pointed it to, his domain brokerage web site.

Further communication with the domain’s legitimate owner revealed that they never authorized the transfer out to Tucows, so most likely their Network Solutions account was compromised.

We will update this post with new information when it happens. Until then, keep in mind that whoever offers to sell has no rights to it.

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