Digital Point : Alleged data breach can lead to #domain name hijacking

An article describing a recent data breach at Digital Point – the world’s biggest webmaster forum and marketplace for web related services – is definitely alarming. According to the report, a Digital Point data leak contained data of 863,412 users thanks to a database that was not password-protected. What was leaked? The report claims that […]

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#ADE dot .com : Potentially hijacked, three letter #domain survived #UDRP, an aged three letter domain registered in 1996, was challenged via the UDRP process. The Complainant was KLA-Tencor Corporation, that claimed rights to the domain via its 1994 trademark for ADE. The Respondent stated that they bought for $20,000 by paying a former employee of the Complainant in 2016. This is a rather […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. : NamePros locks down appraisal thread on suspicion of domain theft

NamePros locked down an appraisal thread for the domain, on suspicion of domain theft. The domain changed hands unexpectedly, less than a week ago, after, a domain controlling its Registrant and Admin accounts expired, and was re-registered. This is a classic example of domain hijacking, and the person who opened the appraisal […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. : Formerly stolen domain has been reclaimed!

Great news regarding a formerly stolen domain name; we received notification that the domain name has been returned to its legitimate owner. Several months after being stolen from the owner’s GoDaddy account and moved to the Chinese domain registrar eName, is back where it belongs. The 16 year old domain asset was returned […]

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From GoDaddy to ename : A domain theft chronicle about

The ongoing saga of the domain owner of, which is currently a stolen domain, prompted us to research similar domain thefts. In a case from June 2013, the domain name was hijacked from a GoDaddy account, and was moved to the Chinese registrar, If it sounds familiar, it’s because the case […]

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Felony charges: Former employee attempts to hijack domains from GoDaddy

The former manager of Ghost Ranch, a dining and entertainment venue in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, faces felony charges after hijacking domains owned by her former employer. According to the Steamboat Springs publication, Steamboat Today, Donna “Tonie” Roberts was charged with “theft, computer crime and felony criminal impersonation”. Roberts posted a $2,000 dollar bail and was […]

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Dr. Chris Hartnett: The Comics Edition

You’ve read the news about veteran entrepreneur and domain investor Dr. Chris Hartnett and the unpleasant experience he’s had with hackers and identity thieves on NameJet. It’s an unfortunate incident and we wish Dr. Chris Hartnett a quick and full recovery of his valuable assets. Here’s the comics edition that summarizes the incident, for those […]

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