C73.com : Formerly stolen domain has been reclaimed!

Great news regarding a formerly stolen domain name; we received notification that the domain name C73.com has been returned to its legitimate owner.

Several months after being stolen from the owner’s GoDaddy account and moved to the Chinese domain registrar eName, C73.com is back where it belongs.


C73.com is no longer a stolen domain.

The 16 year old domain asset was returned a good six months after being hijacked to eName by a thief using the email address “john_wima@yahoo.com“.

Throughout 2014 and in 2015, dozens of domain names were stolen from various registrars, using phishing emails.

Many domains that are destined for China are transferred to eName, that has a reputation for declining most requests for transfer reversal by the losing registrar, unless Verisign steps in.

In recent months, however, eName appears to have improved its response times, thanks to a process set forth at GoDaddy, a popular source of hijacked domains.

The most famous case involving eName and Verisign is that of ShadesDaddy.com.

Congratulations to the owner of C73.com for getting his domain back!

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2 Responses to “C73.com : Formerly stolen domain has been reclaimed!”
  1. Nazih says:

    Thanks to domaingang and staff, for all your help and support to me and many domainers and domains owners. Also to godaddy and their support teams to help their customers and support them through the process of recovering their domains, and that one special guy at godaddy that replied to his emails quicker then a family member and do whatever he can to help and support, my domain is back home finally!!!
    With domaingang and godaddy no domain is left behind, 🙂

  2. DomainGang says:

    Congratulations, Nazih!

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