Account credentials: How scammers attempt to steal your domains

The most common method that scammers will attempt to use to steal your domain names is by tricking you into surrendering the account credentials.

Your registrar and host login and password can lead to the loss and hijacking of your domain names. The phishing technique relies on a psychological factor: You believe whatever your eyes see.

The following attempt to hijack a three letter domain demonstrates exactly that; the domain is supposedly expiring in 3 days, with an urgent message that mentions the supposed consequences of inaction.

Of course, this type of phishing attempt can vary in its effectiveness.

In this case, InMotion Hosting appears to be the host of the domain name but it’s not the actual provider of hosting services. In other words, the domain’s IP is owned by InMotion Hosting but it’s not the actual host.

Sorry scammers, you didn’t do due diligence.

As for the actual link: It points to a site in Nigeria and has nothing to do with InMotion Hosting, but your eyes can make you believe things which can be very costly.

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