GoDaddy phishing portal scam: This is how they steal your domains!

If you wondered how domain thieves steal your domains, the number one method is by email phishing and by replicating a portal of a domain registrar or other portal of authority. GoDaddy is by far the biggest target of thieves, due to the sheer amount of domains under management. Aaron of PremiumNameSales tipped us off […]

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Phishers and scammers: Which TLDs were hit in 2011?

The Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) has released its latest report; the results are out regarding which TLDs were hit the most by cybercrime in 2011. An excerpt: “Phishers are an ingenious lot, and the successful ones develop their own specialties and business plans. For example, in this report we describe how Chinese phishers are using […]

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Marchex domain used for phishing scam?

A domain owned by Marchex is currently being used in a phishing scam that attempts to convince unsuspected recipients of an email that it originates from Western Union. The email lists “” in the headers which appear to be faked. The return address is listed as “Western Union <>” and the email itself asks the […]

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