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Alert: Chinese registered domain Ameriban-extuess.com to phish AMEX customers

An email pretending to arrive from American Express is using a recently disclosed breach of customer data at Home Depot to phish for your personal banking information. Ameriban-extuess.com, the domain used in this phishing scam was registered with Chinese information, per DomainTools. Todaynic.com, the Chinese registrar where the phishing scam domain was registered on 9/17/2014 […]

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Chinese spammers: We love blocking entire /16 networks!

We wrote before how the Chinese create a network of crap traffic on the Internet. We don’t want to speculate how things would look like if the Chinese government wasn’t blocking a lot of outgoing traffic to major networks outside of China! Luckily, the Great China Firewall is in place. Chinese hackers and spammers scan, […]

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