Musk shocker: Twitter bans links to most other social media platforms

Well done, Argentina! Twitter has now banned the sharing of links to other social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Linktree, and Mastodon. Update: Twitter has flip-flopped and deleted the policy just 12 hours later. Original post follows: Reeking of Elon Musk’s new “freedom of speech” hogwash, Twitter announced the following: […] going forward, Twitter will […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. Ye buys right-wing platform in epic move

Ye, formerly known as “Kanye West,” has acquired the right-wing platform Parler. The move by the “richest Black man in history” arrives on the heels of the artist’s lockout by Twitter and Instagram due to making antisemitic comments. The domain name moved to Epik DNS almost two years ago; at the time, Epik kept […]

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Trump’s domain was sold by HD

Former president, Donald Trump, has rolled out a new social media platform, TRUTH Social. Operating from the matching .com domain,, the platform is currently in pre-beta, soliciting sign ups. So far, there is no visible box for donations, but knowing the appeal Donald Trump has on his fan base that might happen soon. It […]

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Facebook is a globally known brand, as witnessed by 3 billion accounts worldwide. The company founded by Mark Zuckerberg in his university dorm is worth billions of dollars. It’s also a controversial social media platform, currently under pressure to change how it handles news, misinformation, and other elements of its addictive qualities. On Monday, Facebook […]

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Auntie Buzz SAW it coming!

Auntie Buzz is the apparent new mascot of SAW, the domain brokerage powerhouse formed a year (and a half) ago. We know about SAW but who the heck is Auntie Buzz, you might ask. In a post about social media handles, is using a stock image of a respectable old lady in rage mode: […]

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Resilience for influencers : Use a meaningful #domain instead of that fancy social media account

Building your brand on your own domain name means you never have to rely on a third party medium for your success. Scaffolding your success around brands such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Tik Tok, leaves your brand vulnerable and exposed to the lifespan of that social medium, or the eventual change in terms and […]

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Ten years of #DomainGang on the Twitter feed!

Today marks the 10th anniversary of joining Twitter as @domaingang. A decade of tweeting has produced almost 15k tweets and over 10k followers. Social media was different back then, and Twitter’s growth has given the world the opportunity to discover news and information that share the same relevance, via the use of hashtags. That was […]

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Social media meltdown : #Facebook, #Instagram, #WhatsApp and #Messenger woes

The entire Facebook family of apps is having severe connectivity issues today. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger are lacking features, or are completely inaccessible for many users around the world. The downtime is frustrating for those that use social media daily, for business or simple communication – including the sharing of information. Luckily, Twitter is […]

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Twitter gave the #Domain King his handle back!

Rick Schwartz, the de facto Domain King, reclaimed his Twitter handle after someone else registered it in February. Rick’s return to social media wasn’t motivated by any willingness to start posting on Twitter – far from that. In his own words, the Domain King attributed his repossession of @DomainKing to brand protection: “Getting my @DomainKing […]

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#Domainers : The Twitter account #DomainKing isn’t who you think it is

In December 2017, Rick Schwartz made a decision to withdraw from social media, and Twitter was the first one he left behind. The Domain King closed his Twitter protesting about its slow response to recover TheDomains, Mike Berkens’s account that had been hijacked for a week. During 2018, Rick Schwartz announced how much better he […]

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Google+ reaches end of life on April 2nd

Google Plus is reaching its end of life on April 2nd, and personal accounts will stop functioning at the time. Other functions will stop being available as early as this coming Monday, February 4th. Plagued by a series of serious security issues, Google’s dominant social networking platform is being phased out permanently. Google chose to […]

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Book of faces : This #domain can’t be touched by Mark Zuckerberg

For the past two days, Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, is talking to politicians – many of which appear to be technologically inept – about his company. Facebook has been rushing to fix the gaping holes left behind by Cambridge Analytica and other rogue operators in the data mining field. Social media thrive on a very […]

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