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Facebook.com #domain appeared to be for sale via DomainTools!

Facebook might be back up but what a crappy day for the company Mark Zuckerberg created in his college dorm! Zuckerberg lost $6 billion dollars today, thanks to a double whammy that sent Facebook stock plunging: the DNS clusterfuck along with a corporate whistleblower that decided to let the world know just how evil Facebook […]

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Social media meltdown : #Facebook, #Instagram, #WhatsApp and #Messenger woes

The entire Facebook family of apps is having severe connectivity issues today. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger are lacking features, or are completely inaccessible for many users around the world. The downtime is frustrating for those that use social media daily, for business or simple communication – including the sharing of information. Luckily, Twitter is […]

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Monday productivity skyrockets as Facebook crashes

Facebook crashed today for more than two hours, and millions of bored workers around the world returned to their tasks, being actually productive. According to Beeg-Dix Data Research, productivity for that 120 minute window went up 48.5%. “I wasn’t able to check out the page of Boo the dog for two damn hours, that’s a […]

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