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Facebook.com : FTC wants to break it into Face.com and Book.com

Facebook is under fire by the FTC; the Federal Trade Commission is seeking a permanent injunction in federal court that could, among other things, require the company to divest assets. What we’re looking into is a breakup of Facebook.com and the process won’t be difficult to implement. Simply put, Facebook.com will be split into two […]

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Facebook is #1 worldwide

Facebook officially surpassed Google, as the most visited web site in the world. Despite the blockage of Facebook by the populous Chinese nation, Facebook’s position is remarkable. More than 950 million people use Facebook globally every month, an increase of 29% compared to a year ago. Facebook announced that 543 million of its visitors accessed […]

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Facebook data of Domainers published

In case you haven’t heard the news, 100 million Facebook accounts have been swiped and all their information has been published in one gigantic torrent, at the popular torrent web site, The Pirate Bay. The BBC reports that a computer expert by the name of Ron Bowles created a crawler that went through all Facebook […]

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