Facebook data of Domainers published

The Pirate Bay now hosts your Facebook information!

In case you haven’t heard the news, 100 million Facebook accounts have been swiped and all their information has been published in one gigantic torrent, at the popular torrent web site, The Pirate Bay.

The BBC reports that a computer expert by the name of Ron Bowles created a crawler that went through all Facebook accounts looking for profile information which users had not manually opted to hide in their profile settings.

Supposedly, he did not collect or at least, did not include phone numbers, street addresses or emails.

So what’s on that 2.78 Gb torrent then?

We’ll have to wait until the download finishes in about thirty minutes.

Chances are that since the data consist of 20% of Facebook’s 500,000,000 users we will find plenty of information on domainers as well 😀

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