There are only 2 Facebook domains for sale on #Afternic

In its current state, Afternic provides limited tools to search its inventory, namely by keyword and by extension (TLD.) That pales in comparison to other marketplaces, such as Sedo, that provide an extensive array of filters. This will change, hopefully soon, with the introduction of Afternic 2.o that is built on Uniregistry Market code and […]

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Facebook might be back up but what a crappy day for the company Mark Zuckerberg created in his college dorm! Zuckerberg lost $6 billion dollars today, thanks to a double whammy that sent Facebook stock plunging: the DNS clusterfuck along with a corporate whistleblower that decided to let the world know just how evil Facebook […]

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Facebook Hotline : Will the matching dictionary .com be targeted?

Facebook rolled out a beta of a new service called Hotline, a combination of Clubhouse and Instagram Live. The web based application allows creators to address an audience, that can then ask questions via text or audio. Topping Clubhouse, creators can turn their camera on instead of just using audio. Oddly, Hotline sign ups are […]

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From the hilarious responses to a UDRP department: was hit with a UDRP at the WIPO. The famous mark FACEBOOK is so strong that even savvy investor, Mike Mann, isn’t immune to it. And yet, the British Respondent in this UDRP had the cojones to respond thus: “I respectfully reject the allegation made by […]

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Facebook template .com : Yes, you can lose your #domain 14 years later

If you hold onto a domain infringing on a famous trademark such as Facebook, you’re wasting your renewal fees. The registrant of, a domain registered way back in 2006 renewed it 13 times since then. Clearly, a waste of money, as Facebook Inc. filed a UDRP at the WIPO. Considering that on September 26, […]

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Famous brands own famous marks, and in the case of Facebook any domain that contains “facebook” is an invitation for a UDRP filing. Just as Mike Mann found out recently, Facebook took matters to the WIPO against the domain The Chinese registrant did not respond in this UDRP, and the matter closed quickly. At […]

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Mike Mann’s Domain Market lost the #UDRP for a set of #Facebook domains

Facebook is a world-famous trademark, and so is its domain, Registering domains with “Facebook” or other Facebook-owned brands is an activity that should be avoided – unless you really want to be hit with a UDRP. This is the case with a set of Facebook domains registered to Mike Mann‘s DomainMarket outlet. As we […]

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Mike Mann : Lawyers from #Facebook are harassing me

Domain investor and entrepreneur, Mike Mann, took it to Twitter today, sharing news about “harassment” he’s been getting from Facebook attorneys. Said Mike Mann: Moron scammer lawyers from Facebook are harassing me about a few domains I own to attempt to set an example out of me, they won’t take them free or settle; so […]

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#Facedbooks .com : #Cybersquatter wanted $50 million dollars for this #domain name

A blatant cybersquatter registered, and created a lander imitating an old version of The domain was listed for sale on Afternic with an asking price of $4,999 dollars, but once Facebook filed a UDRP at the WIPO, the Respondent made threats. According to the UDRP case between Facebook Inc., and Turkey-based Guven Ozdemir, […]

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POKERFACEbook or PokerFACEBOOK? The UDRP against the .com resolved that

The registrant of the domain claims that it was meant to be a social network for poker players. “This site while provided information primarily about the worlds most trusted Online Poker Sites, will serve primarily as a means of connecting all of the online players as well as possibly creating a few new ones. […]

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‘Facebook Games Arcade’ domains : Where the real money is!

Online gaming is a huge global market, expected to cross $100 billion dollars in revenue by the end of the decade. Domain registrars such as Uniregistry and Rightside are already positioning themselves with the upcoming launch of .game and .games respectively. But will there be enough space to compete once Facebook jumps in? Already owning […]

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Domains NOT to register: Your latest “Facebook” idea

Facebook is being used by more than one billion people worldwide, making it the largest and most successful social media platform ever. There are many reasons why Facebook became so successful, and one of them is its ability to connect people and share information, news and ideas – along with photos of grumpy cats. One […]

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