Mike Mann : Lawyers from #Facebook are harassing me

Domain investor and entrepreneur, Mike Mann, took it to Twitter today, sharing news about “harassment” he’s been getting from Facebook attorneys.

Said Mike Mann:

Moron scammer lawyers from Facebook are harassing me about a few domains I own to attempt to set an example out of me, they won’t take them free or settle; so now I will set an example out of them how foolish they are for messing with me, and giving me all the free press I’ll get

Apparently, Mike Mann owns domains that Facebook believes they infringe on its marks. Despite Mann’s attempts to hand them out for free, or at reduced cost, a UDRP case has been filed.

Mike Mann questioned the motives behind such an approach:

“How stupid is Facebook for being in business all these years and still not owning the domains they want? They can’t afford them? Don’t have experts to help them? Can’t control themselves? or anybody else’s intellectual property?”

The active UDRP case on WIPO involves the following Facebook domains:


This looks like a lost case, in our honest opinion. All domains are listed for sale on Mike Mann’s platform, Domain Market, for example:

Facebook domains for sale at the Domain Market

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