Mike Mann reveals #domain sale at $2,222 dollars per word!

Domain entrepreneur, Mike Mann.

If you’re a Mike Mann fan, odds are that you’ve followed our MannQuotes series.

The prolific domain investor is often compared to a machine, thanks to his ability to turn seemingly low value domains into sales in the thousands of dollars.

By doing so consistently, Mike Mann is truly a domainer legend, who has been referred to as the Domain King in the past.

The latest domain sale arrives in the form of a riddle: If Mike Mann sold a four word .com at $2,222 dollars per word, how much money did he make from this domain sale?

For those of you that failed math at grade school, it’s $8,888 dollars – for the domain name APurposeFilledLife.com.

Mike’s sale of this four word domain is amazing, particularly since he only paid $19 bucks for it.

Congratulations Mike!

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One Response to “Mike Mann reveals #domain sale at $2,222 dollars per word!”
  1. SAKTHIMICRO says:

    Thatโ€™s Mike Sir, Real Domain King in the Planet.

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