Facebook Hotline : Will the matching dictionary .com be targeted?

Facebook rolled out a beta of a new service called Hotline, a combination of Clubhouse and Instagram Live.

The web based application allows creators to address an audience, that can then ask questions via text or audio. Topping Clubhouse, creators can turn their camera on instead of just using audio.

Oddly, Hotline sign ups are currently done via Twitter log ins and an SMS verification. Unlike Clubhouse, Facebook Hotline sessions are recorded.

Facebook Hotline uses the domain Hotline.co and the domain appears to have been sold on Sedo around March 4, 2021, by an Indian registrant.

Hotline as a brand might lead to the acquisition of the matching domain, Hotline.com. The domain currently displays a cryptic message:

hotline.com – by invitation only – you are the password

Registered in 1997, Hotline.com appears to be in the possession of a Miami based company, RKITEKT LLC. Although it has displayed content in the past, it appears to have been used as a “white label” site for Hotels.com.

Meanwhile, the domain FacebookHotline.com is being squatted on. Registered in December 2020, the trademark infringement is in the possession of someone in Austria.

It’s domain registrations such as these that give domain investors a bad name.

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