Facebook.com #domain appeared to be for sale via DomainTools!

Facebook might be back up but what a crappy day for the company Mark Zuckerberg created in his college dorm!

Zuckerberg lost $6 billion dollars today, thanks to a double whammy that sent Facebook stock plunging: the DNS clusterfuck along with a corporate whistleblower that decided to let the world know just how evil Facebook allegedly is.

But no worries, things are back to normal now and tomorrow is another day. There’s little doubt the stock will climb and you’ll be cursing on the lost opportunity to buy the (serious) dip.

And now for the cherry on the pie: The domain Facebook.com appeared to be up for sale; at least, that’s what DomainTools indicated.

How is this possible?

DomainTools picks on the DNS changes and today’s issue marked the domain Facebook.com as not registered. Social media, including Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, noted the domain’s availability.

Of course, the domain Facebook.com is not available and it’s not for sale, but haters gonna hate!

Now get back on Facebook to get your “dopamine” fix.

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