There are only 2 Facebook domains for sale on #Afternic

In its current state, Afternic provides limited tools to search its inventory, namely by keyword and by extension (TLD.) That pales in comparison to other marketplaces, such as Sedo, that provide an extensive array of filters.

This will change, hopefully soon, with the introduction of Afternic 2.o that is built on Uniregistry Market code and support.

Afternic is generally blocking domain names that contain the famous mark, Facebook, from its marketplace. Facebook is receiving extended coverage in recent days, due to the downtime and the revelations that its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, appears to be unwilling to thwart issues related to news quality.

We checked a few days ago and at the time there were zero Facebook domains on Afternic. Today, we checked again, and two domains are listed there:

  • – a clear trademark infringement registered in 2008, and
  • – a domain registered in August, whose registrant is seeking $1,699 dollars!

While one can argue that “boycott Facebook” is a legitimate pro-consumer pair of keywords, without actual development as a “complaint” web site this domain would quickly be lost via the UDRP process. Facebook actively polices its brand online and monitors domain registrations.

Since both domains made it to Afternic’s inventory, it seems that the keyword “Facebook” isn’t actively blocked, or perhaps such domains get deleted after a few hours or days.

There are no Facebook domains listed for sale on Sedo.

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