Possibly an example of fair use

Facebook is a globally known brand, as witnessed by 3 billion accounts worldwide. The company founded by Mark Zuckerberg in his university dorm is worth billions of dollars.

It’s also a controversial social media platform, currently under pressure to change how it handles news, misinformation, and other elements of its addictive qualities. On Monday, Facebook faced a multi-hour downtime due to DNS changes. Its stock dropped on the same day, but climbed up on Tuesday.

Following recent allegations of neglect towards user complaints as presented by a whistleblower, many Facebook users are willing to delete Facebook from their phones and computers. It’s a drastic measure for those unwilling or unable to regulate their time spent on the social media platform. is a web site dedicated to technical instructions on how to effectively delete Facebook from your device. It gives details on how to remove the app and how to delete your Facebook account.

Delete Facebook – Photo by Thought Catalog from Pexels

Registered in 2010, the domain appears to be in the possession of a British registrant. The same person operates the web sites,, and, but not

These domains are most likely examples of “fair use” of a famous mark but this doesn’t mean they are safe from the UDRP process.

Do you really need to delete Facebook? Then go there.

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