#Domainers : The Twitter account #DomainKing isn’t who you think it is

In December 2017, Rick Schwartz made a decision to withdraw from social media, and Twitter was the first one he left behind.

The Domain King closed his Twitter protesting about its slow response to recover TheDomains, Mike Berkens’s account that had been hijacked for a week.

During 2018, Rick Schwartz announced how much better he feels without the need to monitor and interact with social media. Indeed, sometimes such interaction can be overwhelming, or a plain waste of time.

One can register a social media account and not use it, however, but Rick Schwartz decided to delete his Twitter account.

Twitter does not delete accounts immediately and some usernames remain dormant for months. In the case of @DomainKing, that account took a long time to delete, and as of February 2019 it’s been re-registered.

The account @DomainKing is not Rick Schwartz. As one can see in the account photo below, it belongs to someone with a Gmail address:

This is not the real Domain King.

To obtain the information above, one has to initiate a “lost password” process, and only parts of the existing email are displayed.

“Domain King” is a registered trademark owned by Rick Schwartz for many years. Twitter is a popular social media platform, and abandoning a matching trademark can create many issues.

As Rick’s current plans involve rolling out a domainer meetup in Asheville, North Carolina, managing social media is important.

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