Ye buys right-wing platform in epic move

Ye, formerly known as “Kanye West,” has acquired the right-wing platform Parler. The move by the “richest Black man in history” arrives on the heels of the artist’s lockout by Twitter and Instagram due to making antisemitic comments. The domain name moved to Epik DNS almost two years ago; at the time, Epik kept […]

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Controversy continues for Parler, the right-wing app social medium ostracized by Google, Apple, and Amazon. After almost two weeks of downtime, is back up, riding on Epik DNS but with IPs on Russian “bulletproof” hosting. Just days after Epik stated in an interview that there are no plans to host Parler content currently, they […]

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Epik : No current plans to provide hosting infrastructure to #Parler

Parler, a controversial right-wing app mimicking Twitter was ostracized by Google, Apple, and Amazon, effectively shutting down its service. The domain moved to the open arms of Epik, a domain registrar with a long history of embracing domains of web sites supporting fringe content. Regardless of bias, Epik is popular among domain investors. […]

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Amazon AWS pulls the plug on controversial platform, a controversial social media platform that has attracted conservative and ultra right-wing supporters of Donald Trump, is down. Amazon has pulled the plug on Parler on its hosting platform, removing it from its AWS cloud services. During the end of last week, the Parler app was removed from the Google Play store and the […]

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