moved to Russian host and Epik DNS

Controversy continues for Parler, the right-wing app social medium ostracized by Google, Apple, and Amazon.

After almost two weeks of downtime, is back up, riding on Epik DNS but with IPs on Russian “bulletproof” hosting.

Just days after Epik stated in an interview that there are no plans to host Parler content currently, they now provide “first response” to via the use of and nameservers, per the domain’s WHOIS.

While the DNS resides on US soil, its destination—the hosted content—is currently located on servers in Belize, which are controlled by a Russian web hosting company,

At this point, the app and content are far from their prior active state. Using Russian hosting servers is ironic for a service that was meant to attract US nationalists, conservatives, and other self-proclaimed patriots expelled from Twitter.

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