Resilience for influencers : Use a meaningful #domain instead of that fancy social media account

Building your brand on your own domain name means you never have to rely on a third party medium for your success.

Scaffolding your success around brands such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Tik Tok, leaves your brand vulnerable and exposed to the lifespan of that social medium, or the eventual change in terms and conditions.

Resilience of your brand becomes solid by hosting your content on a memorable domain, and nowadays that involves new gTLDs, alongside other long term favorite TLDs.

Marek Eckhaus, founder of Brands.International, shows us the fallacies of relying on social media handles solely:

Social media influencer sincerely thinks they are discussing new trends in crypto, while social media algorithm can “think” they are promoting some crypto for their personal gain, or do some other nefarious activity. Sometimes there is only a thin line between those two things. And when there is only a thin line, the decision of platform can be either to delete or to demonetize their channel or account. So our influencer is nervous, as he knows he does not have any real backup and can lose everything in a second.

Your social media platform can be banned in an important part of the world, so what is the obvious solution?

Says Marek:

Unlike various problems with social media accounts, when you have your own domain name, no one can take it down, unless there is illegal or criminal activity ongoing. So you are the owner of your own place on the internet, you do not depend on any third party and you always have a backup.

Read the full article by Marek Eckhaus titled “Social Media Influencers: This IS №1 Backup For Your Social Media. Period.”

Social Media Influencers – Photo by Wesley Tingey on Unsplash

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