Bill Sweetman on ‘consumer-oriented’ domain registrars and security


Bill Sweetman

The “email-gate” involving Hillary Clinton’s decision to use her own domain name for email, hasn’t ended yet.

In fact, the bubble is still expanding, as more details are becoming available; more domain industry players are caught in the game.

The target is now Network Solutions, where was registered.

Non-industry coverage is now drilling the oldest domain registrar’s security past, and the references aren’t positive.

Domain investor and SEO specialist, Bill Sweetman, described the Clinton email incident as “naive on the part of the players.”

In a statement made to The Blaze, Bill Sweetman referred to the security status of Network Solutions and GoDaddy:

“If you’re someone that is concerned about security of your data, you don’t go and register your domain name with a consumer-oriented registrar like Network Solutions or GoDaddy.”

“You would work either with a corporate domain registrar like MarkMonitor or CVSC, or you would talk to your employer – in this case the government – about their internal solutions that would protect the domain name and would protect the data associated with it.”

The article also references the fact that the IP range of the server hosting Hillary Clinton’s email, was at some point in the British Virgin Islands, outside of the US jurisdiction.

For the article, click here.

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2 Responses to “Bill Sweetman on ‘consumer-oriented’ domain registrars and security”
  1. Peter T says:

    CVSC? Huh? I assume he meant CSC (as in CSC Corporate Domains).

  2. @ Peter,

    I did. Reporter misheard me. He has since corrected his error and my quote now says CSC.


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