Ready to buy: Poor student domain buyers unionize

Together in the best of times, together in the worst of times: Poor students eager to acquire gigantic domain name portfolios are unionizing, finally. Tired of becoming the butt of jokes and the recipients of nasty responses by passive-aggressive domain owners, poor students are joining forces around the globe. Poor students from Estonia are driving […]

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#Uniregistry Market : “Ass pass” will help tackle #domain lowballers

Uniregistry listens to its loyal customers, and is rolling out a new, exciting feature at its domain marketplace. The Uniregistry Market Ass Pass will allow for a range of explosive responses, via a pre-selected menu of insulting replies. “Many domain investors with portfolios at Uniregistry Market are sick and tired by the increased amount of […]

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Domain Name Jargon : Lowballer & Lowballing

After our recent coverage of a real life lowballing incident at Domain Name Sales went viral, we checked our dedicated Domain Name Jargon entries. Shock, horror! There has been no entry for this ill-defined domainer species, and we are going to make amends, right now. Keep in mind that Domain Name Jargon is here to […]

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Bill Sweetman – the original Name Ninja – has created a funny ‘cartoon’ video visualizing the annoying inquiries domain owners receive for premium domains. Living in a lowballer’s world is tough, and this particular video captures the spirit of such inquiries domain investors receive – some of which are in the $50 dollar range for […]

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Will this damn Lowballing ever stop?

As domainers, we get those all the time: emails about buying a domain for an insignificant amount of money. That’s called lowballing and there’s already a certificate for it. The fun begins with the reason that comes with a lowball offer. Some claim that it’s for their child and they want a personal domain. Others […]

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Domain Lowballers begin 2011 by forming an Association

Not content with having a ball during 2010, the Association of Domain Lowballers has started 2011 with a blast – an email blast, that is. In an email sent to several hundred – if not thousand – recipients, the members of the Association of Domain Lowballers explain their modus operandi: “It’s important for us to […]

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Top 10 Ways to respond to a Lowball Offer

As domainers, we receive them all the time: the much-dreaded, despicable, nerve-wracking offers that don’t even take into account the cost of renewing the domain. The Lowball Offers. They arrive via emails, phonecalls or via online venues such as Sedo, GoDaddy, Network Solutions or Afternic. Lowball offers are several zeros short of a full price, […]

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