Will this damn Lowballing ever stop?

As domainers, we get those all the time: emails about buying a domain for an insignificant amount of money. That’s called lowballing and there’s already a certificate for it. The fun begins with the reason that comes with a lowball offer. Some claim that it’s for their child and they want a personal domain. Others state they are students themselves and thus on a shoe-string budget. Whatever, dudes. The disclaimer “it’s not for business use” is the red light that should set off your alarms about the exact opposite: a business pretending to be Joe Blow in order to “steal” a domain for less than a happy meal. Today’s lame attempt to lowball a domain comes from a person with a phone number in Washington DC. After leaving a message, he proceeded with placing a $60 offer at Sedo. What was the message? According to our guy, he owns the car tag that contains the domain (sans the .com) for over 20 years and wants to use it for his email and to upload some pictures. That’s right. At an era when people try to avoid being tracked on a busy interstate where road rage often occurs, our guy not only uses a descriptive car tag but wants to create a website for it. The real fun part: after locating him from his phone number it turns out that our guy owns a business with 300+ domains in its portfolio and more than 20 under his personal email. Moral of the story: don’t be a lowball douche because domainers are smart.

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